The sunny side of yummy: Makisu

I love maki. I can eat a looot of them.
I love to customize my food. And it’s better if it is reasonably priced.
Bingo: Makisu!

There are four Makisu restaurants in Brussels – and hopefully more in the future? – but I will only talk about the one located in Bailli. “The sunny side of sushi”, they say. I say: uncomplicated restaurant for fresh and quite original food. Ideal place to go to with friends – no matter the shape of your finances, no matter the food diets of your friends.

In short:

+ Customization! You are the chef!
+ Fresh and good quality products
+ Veggie and vegan options
+ Good value for money (5.50€ for 8 makis)
+ Special counter if you want to re-order (= more yummy quickly :D)

– You have to queue and it can last a while (and you’re not sure whether you’ll be able to have a table or not – but I’ve always had until today)
– You don’t necessarily have room to put your stuff around you (you sit on stools, which means no backrests, which means where the hell can I put my coat). Not a big deal in summer, a bit more complicated in winter with big fluffy coats! 😉
– I find the decoration a bit impersonal (although I like their graphic universe!)
– No sashimi 😦 too bad, because the fish is good and you may want to bite into a big chunk of salmon!

Bonus: feeling hungry already? Start to create your own now! Ready, set, go:


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