Kids-friendly bistro: La Brasserie Des Étangs Mellaerts

Have you ever spotted this big house – almost a mansion – near the Woluwe Parc? It is in fact a great spot from Restauration Nouvelle, “La Brasserie des Etangs Mellaerts”. Its well-mastered brasserie-style cuisine and pleasant environment make this restaurant a safe bet, whether it is for business lunches or family diners.

If you are eating with your lover, you can then go for a small walk around the ponds (“les étangs”) or a bigger one in the Woluwe Parc (a small entry to the parc is right in front of the restaurant, on the other side of the road).

I am a big lover of their tomato carpaccio with mozzarella, Label Rouge smoked salmon, grey shrimp croquettes, truffle ravioli.

In short:

+ Great terrace
+ Quick service in general
+ Classy brasserie atmosphere
+ Ideal for kids: dedicated room for them to play indoors, and playground outdoors
+ Large choice
+ Flexible opening hours (11:00 – 22:00)

– Recent drop in quality of the Irish rib-eye cuberoll (which was my favorite dish there before)
– Limited range of “interesting” desserts
– High prices

Website & Menu
Open 7/7, 11:00 – 22:00
Boulevard du Souverain 275
1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

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