Best place to tea: La Septième Tasse

Is it Steve Jobs and Ed Sheeran? No! It’s Bruno and Nicolas! And they advise you in the loveliest tea shop of Brussels!

When you arrive in that shop, you are delicately surrounded by a charming smell. “Is it this of a tea?”, I asked. “No, it is the mix of all the tea boxes we open, so it changes accordingly. Every day it’s a different smell.” Welcome to a realm where poetry and tea become one!

I had never found a place before (even in Paris) where you have a choice of so many inventive mixes. Especially in herbal teas that are great if theine tends to boost you too much. If you prefer regular tea, no worries: there are plenty!

My top 5:
Rouge nuit: you’re never thought that herbal tea could be sensual? This one is as sexy as… a red night? Cherries, raspberries, and in all likelihood some magic for a mesmerizing mix.
Rooibos mirabelle: this one is just woooooaaaw. I made some for my friends who came to visit me in Brussels and an hour later, we went to La Septième Tasse for them to buy some. There are more dangerous drugs than this one in life, so enjoy!
Tisane du dragon enamouré: my first big crush for a tea (herbal tea) from La Septième Tasse. I had to stop drinking it aaall the time – at the risk of not being able to enjoy it anymore! Its name drives me crazy because I never know if you pronounce it é-namouré or en-amouré. Any French teachers out there?!
Un dragon à Moscou: mmmhh I love this one – and so do my colleagues! It is both generous and powerful thanks to its sweet cherry taste combined with strong black tea.
Jeoncha: I really like this Corean green tea. It is a good one to start with if you are not used to plain green tea. On top of that it is organic!
Bonus: Don’t miss their Christmas teas: you have never tasted Christmas teas as good as theirs… I have drunk their Tisane de Noël almost every evening in December and my boyfriend is a huge fan of their sweet Noël Vert. And btw! As I am writing this article, I am enjoying the Noël Blanc (really enjoying, because it won’t be sold until next winter ;)).

Website (in French)

Rue du Bailli 37
1050 Ixelles
Tuesday until Saturday, 11:00-19:00
00 32 2 647 19 71

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